Your Credit and Why You Should Check It

  Wells Fargo consumer news is very disturbing.  Wells Fargo fires 5300 employees for creating over 2 million fake accounts read here   How many other banks have or had this same practices? Always check your credit report annually at all 3 credit bureaus.  Did you know you have a right to at least 1 free report […]

TRID? Information Every Buyers and Sellers Should Know

TRID? Information For Buyers and Sellers you should know What this quick video on how TRID will impact your settlement date. It is important that your mortgage loan officer is experienced and delivers an accurate Closing Disclosure. Your tip for today is for VA, DC, MD buyers and sellers and TRID . . . what […]

Selling Your House What Do I Smell?

Selling Your House what do I smell? What do I smell? Do I have your attention? These are words of advice to all homeowners thinking of selling your house what do I smell? Please smell your home.  Smell is such an important thing when selling your home. Just recently I was showing in D.C. It was […]